Upcoming performances: New England Folk Festival 2019!

NEFFA-going friends! I am pleased to announce that multitalented singer Rebecca Maxfield and I will be doing a concert together, on Sunday from noon to 12:50, in the High School, room 126. It is called: HAVE A GAY OLD TIME! All the songs with same-sex content that we can pack into a fifty-minute set! Traditional […]


Singing fun: the Boston Area Chantey and Maritime Sing

For more than fifteen years a mainstay of the participatory singing scene, the chantey sing held at the USS Constitution Museum at Charlestown is a damn good time, and a low-stakes way to get your feet wet as a performer.

Bisclavret: kind-hearted werewolf girlfriend!

Storytelling fun: Adult Folktale Telling

For anyone who fancies doing a little storytelling, I recommend going to Adult Folktale Telling at the Armory Cafe, Arts at the Armory, Somerville, MA. Hosted by renowned storytellers Doria Hughes, Angela Kessler, and Lynn Noel, and usually held on the second Sunday evening of the month, this is reliably a riveting experience as a […]