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April Grant


has an album!

Find YOU MUST BELIEVE ME here on Bandcamp:Art and graphic design (c) Amy Kucharik 2022

About The Artist

April on Mount Monadnock. Photo by Katherine Nehring

April writes poems, songs, and short stories, and sings traditional and original songs. Her work has been referred to as “riveting” and “playful yet sinister.” She feels silly referring to herself in the third person, and yet she steels her nerves and carries on.


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Seriously, “You Must Believe Me” is on Bandcamp, go check it out. If Bandcamp doesn’t work for you, please email to order a CD (currently $12 + shipping/handling).

If you’re looking for “Still On Patrol,” please find it here.

A Song Per Sunday: April is currently uploading one song per week on YouTube throughout 2023, on Sundays at noon Eastern time. All entries will be added to this playlist.

Listen to April read all of Roger Zelazny’s novel A Night In The Lonesome October on YouTube here!

Read published poems and a short story for free

Hire April to perform one of an enticing selection of shows by emailing! Here are some of the performances on offer.