Show: Cate Clifford and April Grant: Dual House Concert!

Please note: due to scheduling needs, we’ve changed this concert to Sunday 21 June at 7:30 p.m. We hope you can all still come! We’ll be streaming live via Cate’s music page — like it here to get a notification when we begin the show! SPLIT BILL MODE: ENGAGE. Make no mistake, it sucks rocks […]

Image by J.C. Leydendecker

Show: Bull Stories!

 “The first warp-spasm seized Cúchulainn and made him into a monstrous thing, hideous and shapeless, unheard of…His heart boomed loud in his breast like the baying of a watch-dog at its feed or the sound of a lion among bears. Malignant mists and spurts of fire flickered red in the vaporous clouds that rose boiling […]


Upcoming show: AFTer Hours storytelling, Sunday, March 29

  I’m delighted to announce that I’ll be the featured performer at Adult Folktale Telling’s gathering in March! The second half of the evening will be my performance, “This Will End Well: Tales Of Daring.” Come and enjoy fictional characters’ poor life choices. These tales tell of people who saw what they wanted and went […]


April on the Woodshed Podcast, Saturday, Dec. 7th

I’m on a podcast! Aaron Tornberg, bard of Lowell, MA’s The Hearing Room, kindly interviewed me on The Woodshed Podcast this past Saturday morning. Come for the original songwriting, stay for the library love and album recommendations: The Woodshed Podcast, featuring April Grant


New England Folk Festival 2019

NEFFA-going friends – I am pleased to announce that multitalented singer Rebecca Maxfield and I will be doing a concert together, on Sunday from noon to 12:50, in the High School, room 126.


Singing fun: the Boston Area Chantey and Maritime Sing

For more than fifteen years a mainstay of the participatory singing scene, the chantey sing held at the USS Constitution Museum at Charlestown is a damn good time, and a low-stakes way to get your feet wet as a performer.

Bisclavret: kind-hearted werewolf girlfriend!

Storytelling fun: Adult Folktale Telling

For anyone who fancies doing a little storytelling, I recommend going to Adult Folktale Telling at the Armory Cafe, Arts at the Armory, Somerville, MA.