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Show: Cate Clifford and April Grant: Dual House Concert!

Please note: due to scheduling needs, we’ve changed this concert to Sunday 21 June at 7:30 p.m. We hope you can all still come! We’ll be streaming live via Cate’s music page — like it here to get a notification when we begin the show!

SPLIT BILL MODE: ENGAGE. Make no mistake, it sucks rocks that all of our in-person fun has had to be postponed — but getting to share songs on the internet with friends from all over the country and the world is wonderful, and we’re tickled pink that after a lot of scheming, we’ll be able to harness that wonderfulness for the April Grant and Cate Clifford Dual Concert on Sunday, June 21st on Facebook Live, via Cate’s music page.

April’s head and heart are full of songs that are often hard to categorize and don’t quite fit anywhere. Cate loves the conversation-in-song that happens when someone else’s song inspires one you haven’t sung in ages that follows it perfectly. Our musical focus is very similar in some respects but differs wildly in others. We’ve so enjoyed seeing what our choices spark in each other, and must say, we have treasures on display. Get ready for songs that say things in clever words April quotes without meaning to do so and that she or her mom found in a book somewhere and thought were cool, songs that Cate forgot she knew until April sang that other one, songs that only the dishes and the laundry get to hear most days, and songs that you can only learn from eminent folkies at one in the morning while drunk – and a few melody-free pieces of the poem or recitation sort, because we are us.

Come and hang out. Send us song requests if you like. Hear us toss the musical ball back and forth. Sing along at home, and know that we know you’re singing with us, and we’re longing for the day we can join our voices in person.

All the proceeds for this night of gaiety will benefit the Folk Song Society of Greater Boston, which has given us much joy and musical variety. To donate money directly to the FSSGB and/or start a membership, please go here.

We’ll archive our show for those who are in different time zones to watch later.