“Still On Patrol” available on BandCamp (live recording)

I released a song on BandCamp: let’s see if this player embeds properly. Still On Patrol by April Grant

USS Thresher (SSN-593)

Song: “Still On Patrol”

This song is based on the United States Navy’s tradition of considering the submarines lost in World War II, or perhaps all Navy subs lost at sea, as being “still on patrol.”  The people who contributed to this long, wonderful Tumblr post came up with the ideas for this song; I only had to make […]


Song: “Rachel Wall’s Last Good-Night”

I wrote this song in honor of Rachel Wall, pirate, murderer, thief, and half of the cutest couple in the history of seafaring serial killers. The tune is my own adaptation, based on “The Bold Soldier” as sung by Lena Bourne Fish. Rachel Wall was hanged at Boston, on October 8, 1789, aged about twenty-nine. […]


Song: “The Concrete Frog Murder” (co-authored with Katherine Nehring)

“The Concrete Frog Murder” was written in 2016 in about thirty minutes’ time, during a camping trip with my friend Katherine Nehring. It was based on a true story from earlier that year, which we had seen reported in the late, lamented comment section of The Toast. We composed the lyrics so quickly, and cooperated […]