witches singer in boston

Three Witches: Tales Of Dangerous Women

My favorite way to pass a long dark evening is with stories, and my favorite stories are creepy and funny and full of bizarre incidents. I’ll present three tales of women engaging in magic arts, wrecking their own and other people’s lives, and occasionally making everything come out OK after all. In “The Witch of […]


Performance: Prairie Women

Laura Ingalls Wilder is famed for her youth spent in the westward expansion of the US, and for her Little House on the Prairie book series about that time. She had a life full of songs and music which appear in her books as characters’ comments on the action, and as part of their joy […]


Performance: Weird New England

The Devil walks abroad in Massachusetts – in fact, he comes into your living room and makes you a deal you can’t refuse. False lights burn on the coast, wrecking Boston-bound ships by night. The Knights Templar, the ancient Egyptians, and the monks of medieval Ireland build towers in New Hampshire and entomb their dead […]


Performance: Villains!

An evening of songs, ballads and stories with happy endings. Or baffling outcomes. Or endings where rocks fall and everyone dies. These tales are all united by villainy, as April presents the audience with a feast of stories about awful people, the harm they do, and those who sometimes defy them. The villain isn’t always […]