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Three Witches: Tales Of Dangerous Women

My favorite way to pass a long dark evening is with stories, and my favorite stories are creepy and funny and full of bizarre incidents. I’ll present three tales of women engaging in magic arts, wrecking their own and other people’s lives, and occasionally making everything come out OK after all.
In “The Witch of Coos” and “The Pauper Witch of Grafton,” both by Robert Frost, a New England spiritualist has to deal with the skeleton in her closet, both literally and figuratively, and an old woman remembers working magic on men in her youth. In “The Witches’ Frolic,” by Rev. Richard H. Barham, the scene is set in rural England, where a himbo tries flying on a broomstick with the local coven, and regrets it immediately.
All three stories are in verse, an underappreciated but wonderful storytelling form, and they are all fully memorized and presented as a one-woman show lasting just under one hour. There will be a short Q&A afterwards, and a suggested-reading list on witch folklore, witch hysteria, and spiritualism.
Q: Is this show educational?
A: Yes! I’m presenting work by one widely beloved writer, and one undeservedly obscure writer, and offering cultural context from our reality, so if you want a show with both literary and historical merit, this is the evening for you.
Q: Is this show appropriate for kids?
A: Depends on the kids. I’d say it’s about a PG-13 — there’s no explicit horror or swearing, but there’s lots of implied past violence and sexual subtext.